Creative Director


You act with integrity and responsibility, respecting yourself, others, nature, and the law. You have industry expertise and learn continuously, anticipating the future to advance in an ever-changing world. You are creative and challenge the status quo, fueling your innate curiosity about the world. You are an effective communicator who builds better solutions by listening to other ideas with empathy.

The Role

• As the leader, implement the strategy and creative control of all projects, and execute the proposal.

• Lead the team, reasonably distribute creative and execution work tasks and supervise and guide the work content.

• Build a copywriting framework for all channels in various industries to quickly leverage hot topics and creative strategies.

• Collaborate with other departments to ensure the smooth fulfillment of customer needs, ensure customer service quality and satisfaction, and maximise customer marketing goals.

• Provide reasonable data-driven guidance throughout the project, and continuously improve the overall service quality and market competitiveness of the company.

• Regular staff training, including work style, market trends, personal experience, and hobbies.

• Conduct team building and training, responsible for the management, guidance, motivation and evaluation of team members.


Have a strong aesthetic and point of view.

Strong sense of responsibility and strict adherence to deadlines.

Good at communication, coordination, and fostering teamwork and a positive work environment.

Able to execute brand strategy, maintain a broad vision, and share unique insights.

Fully optimise the team’s creative ability and efficiency.

Respond to unexpected and complex situations calmly and with strength, and be able to work well under pressure.

Have a long history of working in the industry while maintaining sincerity and creativity.

Highly experienced in advertising, branding and marketing, including traditional advertising and online marketing.

More than 10 years of experience in brand management, digital marketing, advertising media, PR, etc.

Bachelor’s degree or above.

Fluent in both Chinese and English.

Will take other languages into consideration.




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