Senior Marketing Manager


You act with integrity and responsibility, respecting yourself, others, nature, and the law. You have industry expertise and learn continuously, anticipating the future to advance in an ever-changing world. You are creative and challenge the status quo, fueling your innate curiosity about the world. You are an effective communicator who builds better solutions by listening to other ideas with empathy.

Be conscientious, have a strong interest in marketing and have patience and strong execution skills.

The Role

• Cooperate with other departments to develop potential customer proposals; fully understand and communicate the brief, KPIs, budget breakdown and promotion strategy for all media platforms.

• Brainstorm and lead creative meetings to produce valuable ideas and strategies.

• Review project proposals and briefings based on customer KPIs and brand identity to ensure that all content output meets customer standards.

• A comprehensive understanding of the delivery mechanism and rules of each media platform, to better develop marketing strategies.

• In-depth understanding of marketing strategy theory and market conditions in various industries, combine with current economy environments to develop better marketing plans.

• Organise the analysis and application of operational data, contribute constructive opinions, and guide the project team to meet customer requirements and standards.


Efficient processing of data sheets and PPT production.

Familiar with media platforms and their operations in the market and understand how to use new media.

Have a deep understanding of brand operations.

Independently responsible for the formulation and implementation of marketing strategies.

Strong negotiation skills.

Sensitive to data and expenses, with strong logical thinking and analytical skills.

Strong coordination and management skills.

Strong data analysis capabilities and insight.

Ability to work well under pressure.

8+ years working experience in marketing or advertising.

Skilled in using office software (Word, Excel, PPT), PS, Mac system preferred.

Bachelor’s degree or above.

Basic English proficiency; fluency in speaking and reading preferred.




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