Associate Managing Director


You act with integrity and responsibility, respecting yourself, others, nature, and the law. You have industry expertise and learn continuously, anticipating the future to advance in an ever-changing world. You are creative and challenge the status quo, fueling your innate curiosity about the world. You are an effective communicator who builds better solutions by listening to other ideas with empathy.

The Role

• Work in partnership with the Managing Director to align on project priority.

• Work in partnership with the Creative Director to ensure a solid understanding of the creative goals and requirements for each project.

• Engage directly with clients, as required, to update the overall workflow or individual project status.

• Manage an overall workflow plan for each client’s full portfolio, aligning all projects according to cross-departmental and interdisciplinary requirements.

• Strong understanding and knowledge of navigating technical workflow systems.

• Responsible for driving project plans forward, anticipating problems and adapting across workstreams accordingly.

• Responsible for creating and mapping the scope of work across the full client portfolio as well as individual projects, liaising with clients to ensure core timing and resource requirements are aligned across the year.

• Responsible for managing and driving multiple programmes with creative requirements across multiple disciplines simultaneously.

• Ensure a collaborative working approach to production - has ability to manage expectations and set clear objectives to creatives and production partners in a ‘live’ working environment.

• Manage information sharing to all internal parties to ensure a smooth workflow and project delivery.

• Ensure the cost-efficiency of each project by proactively managing and overseeing the budget.

• Track and monitor the overall time spent on relevant projects and the resources required for delivery.


Logical thinking

Communication skills

Personal organisation

Subject matter expertise and familiar with updated management system/tools (e.g. GTD)

Time management

Risk management

Planning skills

Negotiation skills

Decision making

Serving spirit: establishing a vision, motivating the team, coaching and inspiring




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