ICBC is globally known as the largest retailing bank in the world. Its most profitable arms, ICBC Leasing is less known in China and was almost completely invisible as of 2015.
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User interface and web design

ICBC is globally known as the largest retailing bank in the world. Its most profitable arms, ICBC Leasing is less known in China and was almost completely invisible as of 2015.

That year, ICBC leasing entrusted PLTFRM to build global awareness through a redesign of its English  website and a year later its Chinese one.

The older version was a conventional “online brochure” necessitating to click through page after page before to reach the needed information.

The solution we developed took into account 4 types of audiences: Institutional Investors, Aviation Industry, Maritime Industry, Foreign Governments and Private Asset Lessors.

We optimized the interface and the content in a radically different fashion providing relevant information in 1 to 2 clicks instead of 3 to 5 clicks & scrolls.

User interface and web design

The re-design of the ICBC Leasing English website included a complete re-thinking of the interface and its content.

Exploiting the industry 4.0 model, one  of our innovations was to integrate a full and current view of the key assets owned by ICBC Leasing such as airplanes, ships and specialized equipments.

Financial health is typically measured by the credit rating. A large ticker placed in the middle of the homepage displays the 3 leading credit rating  institutions, demonstrating absolute confidence and transparency to investors.

Social media management

The ICBC Leasing homepage became an active news source for the entire leasing industries by posting short articles on the latest deal featured on the large central banner of the homepage.

To spread the news beyond the homepage, we used a combination of Twitter and Linked-in tactics. In less than 3 weeks, the ICBC Leasing’s official twitter account created by PLTFRM became a major influencer among the leasing industry experts with several hundred industry experts following the account and re-tweeting ICBC Leasing’s news.

Some articles created by PLTFRM’s copywriters were often quoted verbatim by the mainstream news media or referenced by financial experts, raising ICBC Leasing’s name and brand awareness globally.

Linkedin Management

Thanks to our 2017 results with ICBC Leasing, ICBC International, based in Hong Kong, requested PLTFRM to take-over the messaging management of its official Linked-in account to attract fresh talents in the highly competitive fin-tech industry.

Driven by a highly educated B2B audience, we compressed complex financial documents, into concise news articles delivered with a humane voice and recognizable tone.

By stylizing verbal content on the ICBC International’s Linkedin page we differentiated the brand from all the other banking organizations using conventional corporate communication. By making ICBC ’s brand feel more charismatic, we hinted an original culture, capable to attract the right prospects, clients, investors or employees sharing similar sets of values, style, and beliefs.


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