Wines of Chile is a non-profit organization representing Chilean wine producers with offices in Asia (Shanghai), the United States (New York), the United Kingdom (London), Brazil (Sao Paulo) and Canada (Toronto and Vancouver). The association, which has nearly 100 members and accounts for 90 percent of Chile's bottled wine exports, supports the wine industry primarily through representation and regulatory matters, and manages the promotion of Chilean wines in China and globally.
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2015 Research & Insights

The national association of Wines of Chile in Asia, needed to elevate the reputation of the product and wineries the organization represents in mainland China.

Ideation Workshop

Chinese consumers did not have any knowledge or emotions about the country of Chile and therefore did not have any expectations associated to any products of Chilean origin. We, however, learned that Chinese consumers believed in the health benefit of certain types of wines.

Brand Messaging

Topological description of Chile connected to key health benefits associated  with wine.

2016 Brand Strategy


• Target audience

1st tier cities, millennial with a bias towards female gender

• Communication Matrix segmenting “wine aficionados”, “Social Aspirer” and “Individual Explorer”.

2016 Campaign Results

Baidu Mass Index queries indicated a significant rise in “CHILE WINE” keyword search by mid-2016, when the campaign started.

The nature of keywords started to change as well. Prior to our campaign, queries were wine industry B2B focused looking for wholesale trade.

By January 2017 a variety of keywords generated by true wine consumers began to make a significant appearance.

2016 Introducing Chile Campaign

Wines of Chile is an association representing nearly 100 Chilean wine producers. Over the past decades, Chile has established a global reputation for its high-quality, affordable wines. In China, the association entrusted PLTFRM to help raise the positioning of the country as a ‘wine paradise’, while changing wine drinkers’ perspective to see Chilean production as a high-value choice.

In 2016, PLTFRM implemented the first three-months digital campaign, centered around a sharable H5 game generating wide exposure and high engagement rates, while promoting Wines from Chile.

2017 Honeymoon Campaign

In 2017, PLTFRM built on the previous campaign’s foundations of awareness to further expand and deepen wine customers' perception of Chile and its produces such as wines.

We successfully promoted the “Love Wine, Love Chile” campaign by sending a young Chinese couple to Chile and filming their journey into a mini cinematic series, achieving remarkable results in terms of views and engagements.

The campaign aimed to create glamorous emotions attached to the country of Chile transferring these emotions to the wine itself.

The young Chinese couple facilitate this transfer by experiencing Chile’s spectacular beauty and its wine diversity for the audience.

2017 Honeymoon Campaign

Out of a 400+ entries casting competition on Miaopai, we selected and sent Claire and Edward on their honeymoon through Chile's unique landscapes and cities.

The result is a 12 episode docu-fiction mini-series, distributed strategically across 12 channels, which organically attracted +27 Million views. The mini-series showcased Chilean spectacular landscapes unfamiliar to the China audience, encapsulating cultural insights and emotions a Chinese consumer can now recall when purchasing Chilean wine.

27 Million       Video Views

334 Million     Campaign Impressions

42 Million       Engagements

89,700           New Weibo Fans

2017 Pellegrini P.R. Campaign

When former Real Madrid star Coach Pellegrini was appointed to manage the Hebei Fortune Football Club, we jumped on this opportunity to create a joint event promotion with Wines of Chile.

We then released a video and press campaign in all major digital newspapers and business magazines.

7 Million Impressions

2018 Magical Mystery Tour Campaign

In 2018, PLTFRM leveraged the previous campaign experience and market research to improve and refine Wines of Chile's promotion strategy.

For this ‘follow-up’ campaign, PLTFRM selected 10 Chinese influencers (KOLs) and sent them on a magical mystery tour to Chile’s Easter Island, exploring the distant land while tasting Chilean wines.

The Easter Island tour, in addition to discovering unique features of Chilean culture, fostering close interactions between KOLs, Vineyard representatives and wines experts created a conduit for Chinese consumers to better understand and appreciate the uniqueness of the Chilean wine production.

2018 Magical Mystery Tour KOLs

During a 6 months campaign, 6 videos were distributed across diverse channels along with original verbal and visual content.

PLTFRM produced Wines of Chile’s first live-stream on Yizhibo attracting over 10 million engagements, gaining nearly 15,000 new followers on Weibo right after the broadcast.

Following this highly successful performance, we continued to work with KOLs, who became willing Chilean wines evangelists, posting weekly and co-producing livestream shows reaching up to 9 million views per event.

2018 Espumante Campaign in Japan

To promote the Espumante wine category (Chilean sparkling) in Japan, we developed a strategy targeting younger female wine drinkers.

Using every popular Japanese social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) in coordination with 3 Japanese online celebrities and 50 local influencers, we achieved copious results over a 3 months short period.

2019 Sky of Wine Campaign Korea

While China represents the largest growing market in Asia, other high net-worth markets such as Korea and Japan were not neglected.

PLTFRM therefore developed key visuals for Korea’s campaign, "Sky of Wine, Star of Chile" to further advance Wines of Chile’s APAC strategy.

2019 The Farthest You Can Go

To boost our effort in “premiumizing” Chilean wine’s perception, PLTFRM started to amplify the “90+” category referencing the rating score used by wine experts for fine wines tasting.

We developed the key visual for a 90+. event showcasing exclusively the best of the best from Wines of Chile.

The KV is inspired by the clear night sky of the northern Chilean desert, Atacama, where even the farthest stars can be observed. “The Farthest You Can Go” became the 2019 Wines of Chile campaign’s catch phrase.

Logo Design

To ensure a smooth promotion in China, Korea, and Japan, PLTFRM created congruent logotypes in each language to maintain visual consistency and facilitate global guidelines implementation.

Visual Brand Identity System

The PLTFRM design team also worked on the original VI guidelines to help Wines of Chile clarify its visual communication, increasing trust and brand recognition among the target audience.

User interface and web design

To further champion Wines of Chile’s promotional mission in China, PLTFRM designed the Chinese version of the Wines of Chile official website.

The website is not a replica of the English version.  It is culturally optimized with specific content facilitating direct communication between Chinese dealers and members of the association.

And for the general public it is an educational gate to enhance their knowledge and understanding of Chilean wines.

User interface and web design

Wines of Chile Chinese website’s user interface is focused on educating the audience amongst a large and diversified offering that can appear overwhelming at first.

The simplification and strict codification of wine terms, criteria and Chilean geographic segmentations as well as appellations, makes the audience’s journey a less daunting one while increasing the mysticism and the value of these products by knowing and appreciating them more.


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