XinTianYuan textile is the world's largest non-cotton woven fabric supplier, committed to the pursuit of environmental protection and fashion. The company has long cooperated with French and Italian designers to provide customers with sustainable and stylish fabrics and is a major supplier for many famous brands, including uniqlo, CK, and ZARA. XinTianYuan's use of "non-dye" fibrous materials ensures that every metre of fabric reduces water usage by 72 percent and carbon emissions by 26 percent.
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Brand Strategy

Fashion is ranked the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. In 2010,

XinTianYuan, a textile company manufacturing polyviscose fabrics for most major global fashion brands, changed their technology to “top Dye”, reducing their water use and general waste by nearly 80% while providing better color consistency across 1000 of kilometers of fabrics.

This courageous and successful endeavour helped XinTianYuan shift the companies’ culture to focus on sustainability in everything they do.

Brand Messaging

The resulting enhanced ability to spread their engaging message and the re-design of the official WeChat account, website and brochures led to much better recognition by Customers.

CI System

PLTFRM articulated XinTianYuan’s core belief:

“By Improving Ourselves, Today, We Improve All Our Tomorrows”

aligned with their value proposition:

“Million Miles Color Consistency”

And their new slogan:

“Tomorrow’s Textiles”

VI System

In line with the CI system, we developed a highly systematic and functional visual identity, that emphasised the new perspectives of the textile industry.

KV & Image Style

With bright green as a starting point, we created a sophisticated colour palette, enabling a visual execution of the brand strategy. For key visuals, we explored the fabric and its effort towards sustainability, with a landscape made of garments looking like a natural field.

XinTianYuan is now the leader of China’s textile market and the role model of a movement making tomorrow’s fashion industry much more sustainable than it is today.

2018 Results

For 2018, the target was a 20% yearly increase.

Acquiring new business was enhanced by the much higher quality references, moving from an OEM-like  image to a proper brand.

This eventually led to producing fabrics for school uniforms in early 2019. According to chairman Paul, they got immediate recognition.

47% yearly increase

983 million RMB revenue

New Market Acquisitions


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