Lighting up Markets



BIC has been the world's largest manufacturer of lighters and stationery since 1973. As a global leader, the brand is well-known for its product quality. In China, however, it didn't enjoy the same popularity, and the company faced low-quality, low-price competition.

Beginning in 2017, we conducted extensive market research and leveraged it to develop BIC’s new position, reframing the lighter as a fashion accessory. We designed new product lines and have continued to assist in the brand’s online expansion.

Research and Strategy

To better understand users' perceptions about France, lighter usage, and other related topics, we arranged a series of digital quantitative research surveys among selected target audiences in China, Japan, and Korea.

The results ensured an insights-based strategy, key visuals and product design.

Research: Social Media

Research: Qualitative Research

Strategy: Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Together with BIC, we developed a limited edition series of lighter cases in premium packaging with online sales and delivery costs in mind.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Product Design


Video Production

Using the BIC persona, we created a series of training and sales video animations.

Photo Production

In line with the new positioning, we applied fashion accessory concepts to the product photo shooting. We selected brilliant, lively colors to create a fashionable, young style and “insta-perfect” shots.

Corporate Social Responibility

Digital Campaign

We created a BIC persona and KV for the 2018-2019 China, Japan, and Korea campaigns.

Different versions of the characters were tested, from the original 1960s inspiration to the contemporary embodiments of style.


We further developed solutions for offline retail, with a new and adaptive POS system. Using cardboard instead of plastic, we reduced production costs by 3 times.

Digital Presence

E-commerce Management

We fully redesigned BIC's official China e-commerce platform. Our new navigation interface and restyled product images delivered an enhanced user experience and ensured brand consistency.


The new limited edition series reduced e-commerce delivery costs while repositioning the brand. The visual approach dramatically increased online traffic and sales.