Expanding Markets



Coswell is an Italian family-run group specialised in manufacturing personal care products. The company has more than 50 years of innovation, including patented technologies for enamel repairing toothpaste.

To further expand its market presence and launch its online sales in China, we developed an e-commerce entry strategy.

Research and Strategy

We worked closely with Coswell and its JV partners in China to develop a market entry business plan, including pricing strategy, positioning, hero product, and trade marketing strategy for two of the company’s brands: Blanx and Biorepair.

Research: Social Media

Research: Qualitative Research

Strategy: Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Product Design


Video Production

Photo Production

Corporate Social Responibility

Digital Campaign


Digital Presence

E-commerce Management

After determining COGS, price positioning, and marketing costs, we developed a 3-year provisional plan detailing capital and operational expenditures.


After completing the market entry strategy research, we advised on next steps. Coswell and its local distribution partner are developing the joint venture agreement.