Localising Vision

june jacobs


For over thirty years, NYC-based June Jacobs has been a world-renowned spa visionary and beauty and wellness expert.

For its introduction to the China market, we refined the brand image and digital presence on Sephora, June Jacobs’ exclusive retailer.

Research and Strategy

We thoughtfully analysed competitor presence and Sephora’s online system to structure the product pages.

Brand Identity

We upgraded the brand’s existing material and developed a series of visuals to clearly express product benefits and ingredients.

Packaging Design


Packaging Design


Packaging Design


Product Design




Video Production


Photo Production


Corporate Social Responibility


Digital Campaign




Digital Presence


E-commerce Management

We designed and developed content for the brand and its product pages on Sephora, June Jacobs’ exclusive retailer.


The pages clearly communicated the brand value and product benefits and ingredients, in alignment with Sephora’s requirements.