Creating Disruption

Le Mini Macaron


Le Mini Macaron is a disrupter in the nail polish category. The French product brings professional electronic nail care tools directly to the consumer’s home.

We developed this entirely new product from concept to name to product design and packaging.

Research and Strategy

We ran a series of ideation workshops, where we developed multiple concepts of portable UV lamps with USB charging capabilities. Following a user-centric design model, we generated prototypes to further assess usability.

Research: Social Media

Research: Qualitative Research

Strategy: Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

After refinements of the prototype, the winning concept reflected the famous French pastry, which inspired the brand name and visual identity.

Packaging Design

The packaging focuses on the product's function, clearly introducing the first electronic “home nail salon” to its target audience.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Product Design


Video Production

Photo Production

Corporate Social Responibility

Digital Campaign


Digital Presence

E-commerce Management


Our strategy successfully helped the brand attract key distributors across Europe and the USA and become one of the most successful and popular original products.