Migros is Switzerland's largest retail company, supermarket chain, and employer. It is also one of the most prominent retailers in the world.

Since 2017, we have supported Migros' first international expansion. We developed a localisation strategy and branding system, implemented marketing activities, and monitored e-commerce management performance.

We implemented digital promotions for two consecutive years and successfully drove customer purchases on Tmall.


When Migros entered China, it created a new brand name: Orange Garten. We localised the name to Chinese while effectively communicating the concepts of European quality and brand history. We further developed the brand position with the tagline: “Delivering Swiss quality to Chinese homes.”


We established the direction for Orange Garten’s visual communication. We unified Orange Garten’s brands under one identity and used a common seal among different product categories. We further executed photo shoots for diverse product lines to maintain a consistent brand image.


We created a series of stop-motion TVCs highlighting the brand’s character and “Swissness.” Distributed across iQiyi, Weibo, WeChat, and other channels, the videos reached 70 million views, far exceeding Orange Garten’s initial KPI requirements.


In order to push Milette baby care product sales, we initiated a massive grassroots campaign on Red, combined with press releases and information on Baidu Zhidao. Post content was adjusted daily to achieve better conversion rates. We reached the targeted KPIs within 3 weeks of the 4-month campaign.


By refining the e-trade marketing strategy, and directing the Orange Garten E-commerce team, in a period of 3 months, we equalled the sales numbers of the previous 6 months, literally doubling the volume.

We also trained the online sales service team, and complied with all legal requirements and Tmall regulations.


After analysing consumer behaviours, we developed and successfully implemented digital promotions for two consecutive years. We created original content for finely targeted audiences to drive customer purchases on Tmall.