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ProChile, under the Chilean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is responsible for promoting exported Chilean products and services.

We developed the strategic plan and localised Chile Cumple, a global campaign for the China market, promoting 8 different product categories and a website.

Research and Strategy

To assess video content, we conducted neuromarketing research. The process tracked candidates' eyes to evaluate video resonance.

Our localised material, with images of Chinese and Chilean people together, generated the best emotional response.

Research: Social Media

Research: Qualitative Research

Strategy: Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

We translated the slogan using a “call-to-action” style: Yes, Chile! We further localised the video by integrating pre-recorded footage of Chinese nationals in Chile. We developed an original KV to represent both the product category and Chilean landscapes.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Product Design


In order to better engage with the local audience, we developed a Chinese version of the MarcaChile website hosted in China to align with regulations.

Video Production

We combined video produced in Chile with our existing footage and a Chinese voiceover to further localise and resonate with audiences in China.

Photo Production

Corporate Social Responibility

Digital Campaign

We strategised and executed an integrated campaign, from TVC ads and livestream to social media and public relations.

We also provided gift baskets filled with samples of selected product categories for KOLs to promote and consumers to win.


Digital Presence

E-commerce Management


The campaign significantly increased search queries on social media and successfully drove traffic to the website.

We also managed three additional campaigns.