Bouncing Spirit



Spalding is a sports equipment manufacturing company founded in 1976. It maintains collaboration with more than 55 sports leagues and associations all over the world.

In 2022, upon the arrival of Chinese New Year, we planned and produced a new year video to share the bouncing spirit of the Tiger.

Research and Strategy

We built upon the iconic Spalding basketball and found the perfect spot for the commercial, Shanghai’s Metro City, to transform the spheric screen into a basketball.

Research: Social Media

Research: Qualitative Research

Strategy: Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Product Design


Video Production

We embedded the element of the Tiger, the zodiac symbol of the new year, while animating the new collection from Spalding.

Photo Production

Corporate Social Responibility

Digital Campaign


Digital Presence

E-commerce Management


Realised within a week before the Chinese New Year, the video was aired in time for the celebrations.