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wines of chile


Established in 1949, Wines of Chile is a non-profit, private organisation of Chilean wine producers dedicated to promoting the quality and image of Chilean wines.

We have elevated the reputation of the Wines of Chile in China through strategic communication planning for the past 6 years.

Research and Strategy

We first initiated an ideation workshop and discovered that consumers knew very little about Chile. Therefore, few expectations were associated with products from Chilean.

We addressed the situation with our initial 3-year plan. In 2019, we reviewed the plan’s effectiveness and developed a second 3-year plan aimed at making Wines of Chile a premium brand.

Research: Social Media

Research: Qualitative Research

Strategy: Brand Positioning

Brand Identity

We created consistent logotypes and visual systems for China, Korea, and Japan. We developed common guidelines to ensure smooth implementation across East Asia. We are now expanding to SEA, and further refining the brand identity to differentiate it from the competition.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Packaging Design

Product Design


As part of the Wines of Chile integrated digital presence, we developed an education-focused website.

We simplified the user interface and clearly defined wine terms and criteria, as well as Chilean geographic segmentations and naming conventions.

Video Production

In 2017, we flew to Chile to realise a 12-episode docu-fiction series.

In 2018, we organised a livestream series on Easter Island.

In 2019, we initiated TikTok episodes and developed a collection of 102 videos.

In 2021, we continue to develop our video content with the creation of a talk-show focusing on wine culture.

Photo Production

Corporate Social Responibility

Digital Campaign

In 2016, we implemented “Love Wines,” Wines of Chile’s first digital campaign, centred around a sharable H5 game.

In 2017 we hosted a competition on the Chinese video-sharing website, Miaopai. From 400+ entries, we sent the winners on a romantic journey through Chiles unique regions for a 12-episode mini-series.

In 2018, we produced Wines of Chile’s first livestream with 10 KOLs on Easter Island. In addition to discovering Chilean culture, the videos fostered close interactions between KOLs, wine makers, and wine experts.

In 2019, we launched Wines of Chile’s TikTok program.

In 2020, we collaborated with New World Alliance, an insight-based video program with the only Chinese Wine Master.


Digital Presence

E-commerce Management


We multiplied touch points and built assets to be re-utilised in different tier cities as the market grows. We stay relevant to audiences by generating innovative approaches in an otherwise conservative industry.